Sustainable food cynics *sigh*

Isn’t it a bit sad that we all still know someone who assumes you’re a beardy rudderless hippie who wants to assert their increased moral status over everyone if you think anything you do can make a difference to the world?

I definitely know a few.

Why do people give you a hard time if you’re vegetarian or vegan or just don’t particularly want to eat asparagus from Peru? We’re not lecturing you about it, just casting our votes on the food we want supplied to us with what we eat, what we order and what we buy. What better way to change things than with your wallet and your stomach!

A great article from Henry Dimbleby, “Food sustainability isn’t ecobabble” (surprisingly in the Telegraph) identifies the  two types of cynics:

“The first – propagated by people such as the charming and increasingly bonkers James Delingpole – argues that that the whole green argument is invalid by turning a withering light on specific flaws in some arguments and lampooning people from the fruitier wing of the green lobby.

The second acknowledges that there is a problem, but believes that most people’s attempts to do something about it are too small and piecemeal to achieve anything. Sustainability is an impossible ideal: a form of ecobabble spouted to make us feel better about ourselves.”

Too true! Let’s hope they leave us alone eh? 😛


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