Restaurant Review: Inamo London

Last Saturday, my friend and I ate at Inamo restaurant in Soho, and I’d highly recommend it for a unique experience. The restaurant is dim-light to emphasize the unique table decoration- projected images of your choice from above,  selected using the touch pad built into your table!

You order your food using a unique ordering system projected onto your table. Then you can watch the food preparation in the kitchen on the ‘chef cam’ or play a (slightly rubbish) table based memory game!

The system is lots of fun, but incredibly distracting. It’s hard to have an intimate chat with a close friend in a darkly lit room, whilst trying to navigate an interactive ordering system and watching a bright blue peacock that is being projected in front of you! You also lose the comparative element of having all the dishes displayed in front of you allowing you to read through the whole menu and choose what looks best. Instead you have to scroll through as images of the food and a short description are projected onto your plate! Plus, as staff members have to explain the system to you, and you can ‘summon’ a waiter/ress a la Yo Sushi, I wonder how much staff time it actually saves!

However FUN is clearly the name of the game here.

The food is expensive, unless you purchase the reasonably priced £8.50 lunch box or vegetarian lunch box and stick to those, even tea is £2.25 (compared with wagamama’s free and Yo Sushi’s £1.50). But you get what you pay for the food is delicious! I had the veggie lunch box, the tempura asparagus and sweet potato was amazing!

I would highly recommend Inamo with the disclaimer that on a sunny day it feels a little cave-like and the decor is a little divorced-dad-pad. The techno tables are not to be missed though!

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2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Inamo London

  1. Cayla says:

    This is so cool! I’ve been to a wine bar that has a similar technology sort of influence but i’ve never been to a restaurant like this!

  2. Katie says:

    It was awesome fun- when I showed it to some techy friends they were like “yeah,that’s cool if it was 1999!” but my mind was blown…projector food…the way of the future!!!

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