Skinny New Years Fritatta

So, I don’t actually know if this is a frittata or an omelette with added yummy bits. I’ve been making these tasty omelettes for a few years and their big bonus is they only require 1-2 eggs per omelette. The added veggies fill out so much of the room in the pan that a single egg can bind it all together which makes it tasty and fitting with a New Year’s diet (like the one I will be partaking of after my yearly cheese and chocolate binge!), though that said using 2 eggs here makes this into more of a meal.

So you need:

A non-stick frying pan

Some olive oil

A little thinly diced:


Yellow pepper

Mushroom (here I’ve used portobello)


Halved cherry tomatos

Some frozen peas

(….or whatever veg you fancy, as long as it’s not too chunky, bung it in!)

1-2 beaten free-range eggs with a splash of low-fat milk (not too much!), seasoned with salt and pepper

A sprinkling of low-fat cheese if you fancy it.


1. Fry the leek and pepper in a non-stick frying pan coated with olive oil, the bottom of which is the size you want your frittata to be.

2. Once the leek/pepper starts to become soft, add the courgette and mushroom and fry for another few minutes.

3.Defrost the peas for 20-30 secs in the microwave then add them to the pan with the halved tomatoes.

4. Immediately, using your spoon or spatula move the veg pieces so they’re evenly spaced and not overlapping too much.

5. Add your beaten egg/milk mixture, wait for a few seconds then turn down the heat under your pan, add a sprinkle of low-fat cheese if that’s to your taste.

6. Lift the sides of the frittata to check when done, if the bottom is doing too quickly and the top is still runny, further turn down the heat.

7. When it is done to taste, give the pan a wiggle then slide the frittata out onto a plate.

8. Top with whatever you like, I like cholula hot sauce on mine, but topping with fresh herbs or eating just as it is is lovely.



Pics and recipes (c) Trowel to Table

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