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Eye Candy

Molten fudge and marzipan *tongue hangs out*

March is almost over! So despite already posting once today, if I’m going to get a flickr food foto of the month in it has to go up today.

I couldn’t resist choosing this incredible (presumably vegan) ‘molten fudge’ chocolate cake from Vegan Feast Catering. The image was made available through Creative Commons. Find the original photo here.

I’m totally now going to raid my fridge and cupboards for anythign chocolatey after seeing this bad boy…I’m not worrying about bikini season until…EVER (It never gets warm enough in the UK to consider the benefits of a bikini body over anything hot and chocolate filled)!

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Ghana Stew


Pic by Natalie Maynor (flickr CCAL 3998726817)

I don’t know if this recipe is actually at all Ghanian, but my Grandma made it for me and she calls it Ghana Stew. I’m not sure if my recipe is the same as hers, but it’s mighty tasty and really easy to make.

I just fry a large thinly sliced onion, a thinly sliced red pepper and 2 cloves of garlic until soft in some olive oil.

Then add cumin, chilli and paprika to taste (I ground up last years home grown paprika peppers in a coffee grinder for extra tastiness!).

Add a couple of 400g cans of plum tomatoes, I smushed these up with a wooden spoon in the pot.

Let it bubble and get all soft and smushy, add as much peanut butter as you want. I use almost a whole small jar of wholenut (about 4ish heaped tablespoons)

Then add three parboiled (or par-microwaved) chopped sweet potatos.

Let it simmer until the sweet potatos are soft and serve with crunchy bread!

A thrifty protein-filled vegan treat!


Not much to look at but very tasty! Excuse the messy bowl!

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