Alot going on…

We don’t just eat a lot of veggies, we attempt to grow them too! Today was the first warm day down the allotment and there’s ‘alot’ going on (get it, allotment/alot…genius). The first blossoms are out on the damson and apple trees and the gooseberry and raspberry canes had fresh foliage. A sneaky pigeon or two were already picking their way about the place looking for any seedlings to munch on- stupid birds, we’re far too lazy to have planted anything yet!

The first signs of spring!

This year we’re planning on keeping the allotment nice and simple- we love tomatoes, courgettes, squash, corn, peppers and aubergines so we’re only planting those and flowers this year for the main crop. We also have fruit canes and trees, rhubarb, asparagus (hidden amongst the compost patch and brambles) and I’d like to get some herb planters going.

As tomatoes will take up the bulk of the room on the main plot and we LOVED growing different varieties last year, we’ve gone a bit mad and planted ten varieties of tomato:

Super Marmande



Black Krim

Sungold F1

-Mystery seeds (we dug out of a particularly tasty cherry tomato)

Gardener’s Delight

Roma VF

Lucciolo F1

Shirley F1

We got the seeds from seedparade, simplyseed and saved ourselves

We planted 8 seeds of each last week and they’ve all germinated YAY (see pic below), when we set up the greenhouse we’ll plant a few more methinks (at first I thought 70-80 plants would be enough, and then I remembered how much digging we’ve actually done on the allotment!)

Mini Tomato Guys!

The allotment, despite being so early in the season, has already given us some tasty treats today, in the form of a good bag of young rhubarb. I used some apples and a frozen punnet of berries from last year’s allotment crop to make a tasty crumble! THANKS PATCH!

Rhubarb and apple stewing with a punnet of frozen berries added!


Finished crumble ready for the oven!

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2 thoughts on “Alot going on…

  1. WillowCottageGardeners says:

    Great tomato varieties. We grew 26 tomato plants last year and I can recommend having a good selection as they cropped at slightly different times to spread the glut.

  2. […] tomatoes that had germinated in my last post about the allotment are now tapping on the roof of their propagators, and are displaying their […]

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