Seedlings, rhubarb, a hail storm and grow your own work/life philosophy

This week has been a really busy day on Murphling farm (I’m a Hickling; he’s a Murphy so you can see how we got there).

Last weekend we went up to the allotment to double dig over a second big bed, it was hard going in the traditional mix of English showers and sunshine; the squashy mud stuck to our boots like the world’s grossest platform heels and pulling bind weed roots out of the blocks of earth was much harder in damp conditions. We weren’t making much progress, worried we were just chopping up and redistributing the weed roots and finally gave up when an unexpected shower of hail and rain came. We took shelter in the shed, before pillaging as much of the massive rhubarb plants as we could for an after-dinner crumble.

Nice weather for ducks! Ice ducks?

Emergency rations!

Backpack full o' barb

We took arrival of some new seeds! We’re definitely not the first out of the box this year so are still germinating seedlings at this point- it’ll be a late harvest for us, but we like to remain relaxed about growing, fitting it in when we can, rather than make it a chore.

We’re now growing 15 varieties of tomato (just for funsies), adding Tigerella, Yellow Currant, Golden Sunrise, Black Cherry and Tomatoberry F1 to the list in my previous post. As well as some sweetcorn, Earlibird, and some acorn squash, Winter Table Queen.

New Seeds!

We realised we needed to get seeds into soil fast, and after delay due to the late evenings I work and busy social weekends James and I just turned the flat into a potting shed one night at about 9pm! It looked like a murder scene with black plastic all over the floor but it got the job done without too much mess.

Murder scene? Or urban nursery?

Indoor nursery in a one-bedroom- da jungle is massif!

Which brings me onto my question for any interested readers of this post; I was wondering if there are any bloggers/readers out there who have allotments, or grow their own food- how do you balance this with working a 9-5 (or 10-7/8 in my case)? I see loads of these blogs about people with amazing smallholdings, allotments and back gardens but it doesn’t say anything about whether they work or not and what they do for money.  Are a lot of people fully self-sufficient? If you are then maybe that’s why you all get your beans in in time when we’re still digging in April!

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5 thoughts on “Seedlings, rhubarb, a hail storm and grow your own work/life philosophy

  1. Libby Keane says:

    I feel your pain. I too work a full time day job that is an hour commute each way. I don’t let that stop me from growing my own herbs & veggies, making my own soaps, and anything else I can make from scratch and raising a few chickens. It does take time away from other things I might like to do, but it’s in my blood. I can’t not garden.

    • Katie says:

      Wow! You’re an inspiration Libby! Thanks for your comment! I think when I get more experienced at growing veg it will take less of my time and brain space! Especially as this is our first full year on the allotment so we’re novices in this regard.

  2. I tried doing something similar to you in re-potting inside in the lounge because it was too cold outside and was not feeling much like braving it! We are nearly replacing our carpets so didn’t have to worry too much 🙂

    • Katie says:

      It wasn’t too bad at all! The black plastic worked really well, but if you are ripping up the carpet soon then even better 🙂

      • Oh definitely – we moved in to this house in October and they’re so patterned that I’ve dropped several things on the floor and am still trying to find them! 😉

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