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Basil Flower Oil

Basil Flower

Basil Flower

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I last posted, what a crying shame! So since last time we’ve let our allotment go to a new home, as we’ve moved into our first house together (just before the crazy market explosion and house price inflation….phewwffhh!) A little one bedroom place in the village of Impington. We now have a little garden of our own and a beautiful conservatory which has proven fantastic already for germinating seeds, and cultivating our chilli plants and our new olive tree- Oliver!

We had a huge basil plant in the conservatory¬† that recently flowered, sadly that marked it’s decline, but when it did flower, to prevent the plant from going leggy and bitter I lopped the flowers off…but what to do with them? Online folks were eating them on salads or adding them to vinegar, but I decided to add mine to oil to make a pretty and fragrant olive oil. A month later, and the oil tastes great. I also added rosemary, a chilli (from our plant Ramon) and some peppercorns. A great way to use up flowering herbs!