Veganuary: Making those gains

So it’s day 4 of veganuary and today I’ve been learning all about protein. This morning after I cycled to work a package landed on my desk from the friendly amazon delivery man, it contained this…


Garden of Life Raw Protein. It says it’s “Beyond Organic!!!!” BEYOND organic. I mean that’s some kind of off the scale vegan-y goodness right?


I bought it before Veganuary worried about my protein intake over the month having given up dairy and eggs. But today I wondered, is this stuff any good and will this actually be good for me to drink?

So I looked into it and here’s the basics I’ve found about protein.

Proteins are made up of amino acids, and there are nine amino acids the human body cannot create and needs to ingest, these are known as essential amino acids. Foods that contain all nine essential amino acids in useful proportions to the human body are called “complete proteins.” Meat, Dairy and eggs are complete proteins- but there are also loads of veggie ones that can be gained through really tasty foods- such as burritos and PB&J sarnies! Here’s a good compilation (you’ll notice Quinoa is number one, but I promise peanut butter sandwiches are on there!)

So if you eat the right amounts of these foods the protein you get is no different from meat. What are the right amounts? Well there’s some differing opinions on that, but most settle around 0.8g per kilo of body weight or 0.35g per pound. The NHS recommends around 50g a day for a healthy adult. An interactive DRI tool from USDA gives you an American measure, mine comes out at 46g so similar to the NHS recommendation.

So how does my shake shape up? Well it contains 17g of complete protein per 90 calorie serving, from a lot of the complete protein sources listed in the compilation above- rice, beans, chia & buckwheat. So at least it does what it says on the tin- and it tastes OK (the texture is like trying to swallow chalk, but it tastes OK).

Here’s my veganuary stats for today

Day 4:

Fitness: 8min (lazy style) Tabata, 2×3.5 mile cycle (to and from work)

Breakfast: Garden of Life protein shake made with hazelnut milk and water

Lunch: Salad with sprouts, capers, sun dried tomatoes, green beans, kidney beans and a white wheat wrap

Dinner: Leftover burritos with Avo, homemade salsa, salad, roast veg and sweet potato chips



Veganuary dinner 4





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