Veganuary End of Week 1!

So Veganuary Week 1 is almost over, it’s the end of Day 7!


So, so far it’s been OK. I’ve been rumbled at work so have had to deal with the “are you mad?” and “what about protein?!” conversations, and they weren’t too bad. I’ve had a few moments staring at other people’s cheese in the fridge and left over Christmas chocolates, but not too many!

You know what has helped so far? A surprising treat, a present from hubby, a package of Marron Glace!

These are sugared chestnuts, containing just sugar and chestnuts. So delicious, a real treat to help get over the chocolate cravings.

Here’s end of week 1 stats

Day 5:

Fitness- 8 minute Tabata, 3.5 mile cycle x2 (to and from work)

Breakfast: Protein shake with hazelnut milk

Lunch: Roasted Veg Salad and Tortilla

Dinner: soy chicken and avocado wraps with homemade chipotle sweet potato fries and side salad








Day 6:

Fitness: None- rest day, ~4 miles of walking across the day

Breakfast: Cereal and almond milk

Lunch: Burrito with rice, black beans and veg at Nanna Mexico in the city

Dinner: Veggie burgers with sprouts, salad and sun dried tomatoes, beans on the side


Day 7:

Fitness: 8 minute Tabata, 4 mile jog

Breakfast: Protein shake with hazelnut milk

Lunch: Veggie burger leftovers!

Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognese with veggie mince, olives and spinach


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