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Totnes Food Market

I was lucky enough to grow up in beautiful Devon, amongst the rolling hills, Torbay palms and frequent rain showers. My family home is near to the fun and intriguing town of Totnes. A middle-class hippie paradise, Totnes combines traditional english countryside pursuits with an environmental eye, a fun open attitude, a savouring of times gone by and a good healthy dose of wheatgrass shots and ylang ylang. Last weekend my parents, my brother and I went to visit the monthly food market. My dad took his new (very swanky) camera to pap the occasion! Here are some of his excellent pictures from the day.

My favourite stall was the Dartmoor Chilli Farm stall. The guy who was running it was really nice and really passionate about his plants and ‘chilli’ culture, he told us all about the different varieties, strengths and tastes of the chillis and even showed us his Trinidad Scorpian plant (the hottest chilli in the world guys!) He and his wife live in Dartmoor and grow the chillis in an unheated polytunnel, what an admirable (and highly enviable) existence. I bought some of his smoky chipotle sauce- it is delicious!

Me and my brother Will checking out some chillis!

All sorts o’ sauce

Lots of chilli plants- from Bonsai to variegated to very very hot!

Here’s a video of some chilli fanatics reviewing Dartmoor CF’s hottest product…the DEVIL naga chocolate bar!!! Skip to 2.20 to see the Devil’s effects…

There were loads of irresistible cakes and pastries everywhere…

There was fresh Devon produce, greengrocery at it’s best…

Delicious westcountry cheeses!

Westcountry Herbs

There were lots of different types and regions of cuisine…

Thai food!

Spanish tortilla and salad


Salad from ‘Jason and the Gastronauts’

The Veggie Deli- more my style!

The Alcohol Free Zone has not dampened my mood!

Searching for Deli goodies

Mediterranean food and products

All in all a fab day out and well worth a visit if you’re in Devon on the third Sunday of the month- Thanks Dad for playing journalist!

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Eye Candy

Molten fudge and marzipan *tongue hangs out*

March is almost over! So despite already posting once today, if I’m going to get a flickr food foto of the month in it has to go up today.

I couldn’t resist choosing this incredible (presumably vegan) ‘molten fudge’ chocolate cake from Vegan Feast Catering. The image was made available through Creative Commons. Find the original photo here.

I’m totally now going to raid my fridge and cupboards for anythign chocolatey after seeing this bad boy…I’m not worrying about bikini season until…EVER (It never gets warm enough in the UK to consider the benefits of a bikini body over anything hot and chocolate filled)!

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Eye Candy

Vegetarian food porn of the month (ahem, I mean photo of the month) is provided by Daniel Eizans, who has made this lip-smacking image of the humble Enchillada available on Creative Commons 2.0 (non-com, no derivs) on flickr.

Thanks for the Mexican Splendour Daniel! A tasty start to the New Year!

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