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Make your own organic cheese, then put it on pizza toasts!

It’s really easy to make fresh cheese just with whole milk and lemon juice, a pan and a teatowel- that’s it! Follow my tutorial here to make the cheese, then before you hang it up to dry fully and shape it for cutting, nick some of the curds out to enjoy it straight away with these quick and easy pizza toasts. They’re made extra delicious with the rewarding feeling of having made the cheese yourself.

1. Take your cheese curds freshly rinsed and squeezed dry from the cheese cloth, they should look like this…

York! 094

2. Spoon some into a bowl and mix with chilli flakes, herbs and olive oil. This is also great with chopped capers and lemon zest!

York! 097

3. Cut large slices of bread

York! 099

4.  Top with tomato paste

York! 100

5. Add fresh tomato slices and sprinkle with sea salt

York! 101

6. Top with your fresh, homemade organic chilli and herb cheese

York! 102

7. Add olives then place under a hot grill for a few minutes, the cheese won’t melt but the top of the bread will toast, the cheese will brown a little and the olives will smell devine.

York! 103

York! 104York! 106

8. Add fresh basil and enjoy!

York! 107York! 108

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Spicing up your bean burgers!

When you’re really busy I’ve found the old freezer favourite, bean burgers, can make a really nice veggie or vegan supper with just a few additions. It’s great if you need half an hour to do something when you get in after work as all these things can all be left cooking together for 30 mins. This is also pretty healthy, the bean burgers we get from the supermarket are only ~240 calories each!

I bung the bean burgers in the oven at around 200C, alongside another roasting tray with some sliced onion (use half a red onion for this, and save half for the potato salad below) and a sliced red pepper,  coated with a little olive oil and covered with foil, this is more a more energy-efficient way to cook than frying the onions as the oven is on already- and it takes less effort.

At the same time I boil some whole small new potatoes (no need to chop) for half an hour on the hob (maybe set these boiling just before you put the burgers in).

In a mixing bowl, I combine some light mayo (you could use vegan mayo if you’re so inclined) and a little olive oil and black pepper.

Chill out while everything cooks for 30 minutes, then drain the potatoes, and add them to the mayo/onion mix and break them up a little with a fork. Assemble the burgers with the roasted pepper and onion on top (bun optional), add a few slices of avocado, and put the potato salad on the side along with some green salad.

Voila! A weeknight feast. I have the low(er) carb version above, and James partakes of the supersize option below.

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Ghana Stew


Pic by Natalie Maynor (flickr CCAL 3998726817)

I don’t know if this recipe is actually at all Ghanian, but my Grandma made it for me and she calls it Ghana Stew. I’m not sure if my recipe is the same as hers, but it’s mighty tasty and really easy to make.

I just fry a large thinly sliced onion, a thinly sliced red pepper and 2 cloves of garlic until soft in some olive oil.

Then add cumin, chilli and paprika to taste (I ground up last years home grown paprika peppers in a coffee grinder for extra tastiness!).

Add a couple of 400g cans of plum tomatoes, I smushed these up with a wooden spoon in the pot.

Let it bubble and get all soft and smushy, add as much peanut butter as you want. I use almost a whole small jar of wholenut (about 4ish heaped tablespoons)

Then add three parboiled (or par-microwaved) chopped sweet potatos.

Let it simmer until the sweet potatos are soft and serve with crunchy bread!

A thrifty protein-filled vegan treat!


Not much to look at but very tasty! Excuse the messy bowl!

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Skinny New Years Fritatta

So, I don’t actually know if this is a frittata or an omelette with added yummy bits. I’ve been making these tasty omelettes for a few years and their big bonus is they only require 1-2 eggs per omelette. The added veggies fill out so much of the room in the pan that a single egg can bind it all together which makes it tasty and fitting with a New Year’s diet (like the one I will be partaking of after my yearly cheese and chocolate binge!), though that said using 2 eggs here makes this into more of a meal.

So you need:

A non-stick frying pan

Some olive oil

A little thinly diced:


Yellow pepper

Mushroom (here I’ve used portobello)


Halved cherry tomatos

Some frozen peas

(….or whatever veg you fancy, as long as it’s not too chunky, bung it in!)

1-2 beaten free-range eggs with a splash of low-fat milk (not too much!), seasoned with salt and pepper

A sprinkling of low-fat cheese if you fancy it.


1. Fry the leek and pepper in a non-stick frying pan coated with olive oil, the bottom of which is the size you want your frittata to be.

2. Once the leek/pepper starts to become soft, add the courgette and mushroom and fry for another few minutes.

3.Defrost the peas for 20-30 secs in the microwave then add them to the pan with the halved tomatoes.

4. Immediately, using your spoon or spatula move the veg pieces so they’re evenly spaced and not overlapping too much.

5. Add your beaten egg/milk mixture, wait for a few seconds then turn down the heat under your pan, add a sprinkle of low-fat cheese if that’s to your taste.

6. Lift the sides of the frittata to check when done, if the bottom is doing too quickly and the top is still runny, further turn down the heat.

7. When it is done to taste, give the pan a wiggle then slide the frittata out onto a plate.

8. Top with whatever you like, I like cholula hot sauce on mine, but topping with fresh herbs or eating just as it is is lovely.



Pics and recipes (c) Trowel to Table

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Recipe: Herby Spaghetti with Courgette, Feta and ‘Sundried’ Cherry Tomatoes

This dinner came out of pure greediness.

I was wondering if I could eat two flavour combos I love at once without it being too overpowering; these being:

-Tomatoes, Basil and garlic

-Green Veg and mint

I thought individually the flavours all worked well with each other, and worked well with feta cheese (which could be left out for a vegan recipe); and it turns out if you combine them all together they taste even better!

Ingredients for 2 generous servings:

-250g of spaghetti (we’re greedy!)

-A large mug of frozen peas

-A handful of chopped yellow cherry tomatoes

-Around 50g of sundried/blushed tomatoes in oil (we used a home dried F1 Mini Plum variety, dried in our dehydrator (not the sun…we live in England after all!))

-150-200g of feta (leave out for a vegan recipe!)

-2 medium courgettes

– 2 cloves of garlic

-A handful of fresh basil leaves (torn or chopped)

-Around 5-6 fresh mint leaves (sliced very fine)

  1. Slice the courgettes into ¼ inch (~1cm) rounds and lightly fry in just a little olive oil on a low/med heat. Don’t fry for too long, you don’t want them mushy, but fresh and just cooked.
  1. As the courgettes are just fried add the garlic, then after another minute of cooking the frozen peas.
  1. Add the mint, it should be about a pinch, don’t be excessive as fresh mint is strong. Add around half the basil to the cooking veg.
  1. Turn the heat under the veg off when done; keep warm by covering if necessary. Drain your spaghetti, place it back in the pan with a good glug of olive all.
  1. Add the cooked veg mixture to the pasta, add the raw chopped and sundried tomatoes and the fresh basil. Crumble in the feta.

Voila, Greek? Italian? Who knows….but it’s yummy!

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