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So, erm, I’m a little hungover today and everyone knows the cure for the night before- Vitamin C (or a fry up, but we’re going with Vitamin C for this post). Which we have a lot of in the garden in the form of our tomatoes- now ready to Harvest! So, when I managed to drag myself out of bed  (after many cups of tea) I headed into the garden to cheer myself up with some tomato picking. The fruits were so pretty I had to grab my camera and then thought I’d do a little blog on best/worst tomato varieties.

We went mad this year we planted LOADS of different varieties- Ildi, Yellow Pear, Sungold, Lucciolo, VF Roma, Super Marmande, MicroTom, Ailsa Craig, Black Krim, Black Cherry, Black Prince, Sweet n Neat- Yellow, Totem, Outdoor Girl, Tigerella, Golden Sunrise, Cherrola and Ace.

A lot of them are still green on the vines but thanks to the hot and wet weather loads are ready to be gathered…into my face!

So before I start on my favourites, I wouldn’t plant MicroToms, Tigerellas or Lucciolos again. Here’s why:

MicroToms are amazing little house tomatoes. The plants are so small when they produce fruit that we’ve kept them in milk jugs in the house as decorations, BUT the fruit is actually quite nasty- hard and not tasty at all. Lucciolos are a pretty baby plum tomato, but this is the second year we’ve grown them and they don’t produce many fruit, and they’re not very sweet or soft in texture. Tigerellas are a pretty striped tomato but we’ve found so far a lot of the fruit have split and we haven’t had a single edible tomato yet- so these varieties are OUT! Sorry guys you just didn’t make the cut (or slice…ho ho ho)

Now for my FAVES (yes I’m this excited about tomatoes):


Sungold is the best tasting tomato in the world…nuff said- everyone should grow and eat these ALL THE TIME

 Ildi and Yellow Pear

So I’m not great at labelling and I can’t tell which is which in the garden, but all the yellow pear-shaped tomatoes are blooming lovely, despite their lemon-like appearance are actually very sweet and thin skinned- a fantastic salad tomato and a prolific cropper!

 VF Roma

Really nice big square-ish plum tomatoes, a very nice crop and no blemishes at all on the skins, fantastically sweet when cooked.

Black Cherry

Gorgeous colour, sweet taste, hope we have some still around at Halloween!



A really short plant that practically supports itself, with nice even sized fruit. Great for the edge of raised beds!

So these are my favourites so far and don’t they look pretty altogether…mmmmm now to find bread and cheese…